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Exciting Plans for New Green Space

Exciting Plans for New Green Space Get ready, folks—Clive is about to get a brand-new, almost 15-acre recreation and festival area! This awesome space is going to be situated on the east side of Northwest 114th Street, right between Walnut Creek and the Clive Aquatic Center.

Greenbelt Landing Approved

The Clive City Council recently gave the thumbs-up for the Greenbelt Landing project on Feb. 1, and it’s going to be epic. They’re planning to spruce up the existing special events building, extend the pedestrian and bike trail, and add some cool new features like an outdoor stage, wetland walkway, fishing pier, playground, and shaded area. Oh, and don’t forget the spot for food trucks to park!

Improvements Galore

They’re not stopping there—there are some snazzy upgrades planned for the special events building too. Picture this: a sweet outdoor patio space complete with a cozy fireplace. Talk about ambiance!

Funding and Timeline

Now, you might be wondering how they’re going to pull off such an awesome project.  The rest? That’s covered by grants and donations, including some  like Variety – The Children’s Charity and the Iowa Finance Authority.

According to the city, they’ve already secured about $10 million of the project’s budget. And if all goes well, we could be seeing a groundbreaking ceremony as early as May or June.

Exciting Features

One of the coolest parts of Greenbelt Landing? Imagine a space that can hold anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 people, perfect for live music, food trucks, games, and more. The annual Clive Festival is always a blast, and this new venue is going to take it to the next level.

Plus, there’s some eco-friendly stuff thrown into the mix too. The project includes water quality improvement features like wetlands, stormwater detention ponds, and stream bank stabilization. And let’s not forget about the ADA-accessible boardwalk and fishing pier, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the pond and Walnut Creek.

Better Water, Better Fun

According to Richard Brown, Clive’s leisure services director, all these water quality improvements are going to make a big difference. A stormwater treatment wetland filled with native plants will help clean up the water runoff from the site, ensuring that it’s as pristine as possible.

Get Ready for Fun!

Mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy some serious fun at Greenbelt Landing. With all these awesome features and improvements, it’s going to be the place to be in Clive!